Plan Your Export & Import Activities for 2014

It is time to grow your business. As New Year has just arrived, it is good time to make a resolution to increase your international business exposure and activities in 2014. How to start? Here’s how.


  1. Look at the list of you supplies
  2. Select 2-3 items that are less critical for your business
  3. Prepare requests for quote (RFQs) for foreign suppliers
  4. Schedule to research 3-5 foreign suppliers and send them RFQs
  5. Watch the responses and act accordingly.


  1. Select your 2-3 best customers
  2. Profile them and find out why they bought from you
  3. Research 3-5 prospects overseas with similar profile
  4. Schedule to contact them directly or through your marketing channel
  5. Watch the responses and act accordingly.


It may be a bit time-consuming to take those steps, but the result pays off. We want to see you growing in 2014 delivering your high quality products and services to the customers around the world. Good luck and Happy Holidays!