Congratulations, you’ve done great work! Your export marketing and sales effort paid off.

You’ve just received an order from the client on the other side of the world. Although it’s a good idea to go out for dinner to celebrate the success (especially if this is your first one), it is now time to deliver the order.

So, you’ll have to take these 10 steps:

Step 1. Register Your Export Business with Your Government
Step 2. Price It Right and Share Costs and Responsibilities with the Client
Step 3. Get Paid Before you Export
Step 4. Engage Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker
Step 5. Label Your Goods according to the Requirements of the Country of Destination
Step 6. Package Your Goods
Step 7. Prepare export paperwork
Step 8. Arrange Pick-Up Date and Time
Step 9. Load the Container, Vessel, Vehicle, Rail Car or Aircraft
Step 10. Track Shipment with Your Client

So, step 1. Register Your Export Business with Your Government

This is a one-time only process. You must acquire an export number and use this number to declare all of your future exports. The Government requires the number for statistical and taxation purposes. Here is how you obtain it.

In Canada

It’s easy to do online 24/7 at theCanada Revenue Agency website. Alternately, you can go to http://www.craarc.gc.ca/tx/bsnss/tpcs/bnne/ndn/mprtxprteng.html and fill out a paper copy of the request for a business number, then send it to CRA by post.

In the United States of America

There is no specific registration process for exporters. However, each export declaration must have your USPPI EIN (IRS) or ID No., which means U.S. Principal Party in Interest. In fact, this number is identical to the Employer Identification Number (Tax ID) if the shipper is a corporation. For individual shippers, the number is identical to your Social Security number.

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