Toronto, Oct 21-22, 2013. Igor Chigrin, Export&Import Consultant from Win Global Partners, was invited as a speaker to the Leaders Roundtable on Immigration and Entrepreneurship organised by the Conference Board of Canada, the independent, not-for-profit applied research organization which conducts, publishes, and disseminates research, does economic forecasting and analysis.

The topic of the discussion was Immigrant Entrepreneurship. Igor shared his thoughts on the challenges of immigrant businesses in general and on those of exporters and importers in particular.

As his experience shows, Igor said, being involved in global trade, immigrants have certain attributes that give them an advantage in global business. Among them there are language skills, knowledge of foreign markets, etc. Working frequently with immigrants Igor notices that very often and recommends them to take advantage of it. Win Global Partners help Canadian immigrants to start new export&import businesses with their home countries. Check for more information

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How would you answer this question: Should Canadian immigrants be more engaged in the international trade with their home countries?