Are Hot Export Markets Really Hot For You In 2014?

“Hot Export Markets” has recently become a buzzword. Since the last recession Canadian government is making effort to push business outside national and North American borders. Anyone who is planning to expand overseas have probably heard something like “we have to export more Canadian products to hot export markets”. But what are those hot markets? And most importantly, are they really hot for your product or service?

When the government or media talk about hot markets they usually refer to the fast-growing developing markets located outside traditional Canadian exporting destinations. For example, you may be familiar with the acronym BRICS that stands for Brazil, Russia, India,

China and South Africa. This group represents populous markets with growing GDP, consumption and middle class. And in many cases the size of that middle class exceeds the entire population of Canada. Isn’t that hot? Not exactly.

Before venturing into BRICS or other developing market, look at your product or service first.

  • What are its unique advantages (value proposition)?
  • Can this product solve the problems of similar client in China, Indonesia or Kenya?
  • Can they afford Canadian made premium quality products there?
  • Is target market big enough to make it feasible to expand?

Make sure you have those questions answered before you go to a trade show overseas or buy a ticket. Cool down before you approach hot markets. Learn more about hot markets at annual

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