One may argue that Canadian economy is small and its growth rates are far beyond those of BRIC and other developing nations. True, however, there is a couple of arguments to consider Canadian market to expand on it.

  1. Consumers’ Purchasing Power. Canada is in the Top-20 performers by gross GDP and Top-10 by GDP per capita. These data clearly illustrate the reality of Canadian consumers’ purchasing power. Canadians can afford anything!
  2. Multiculturalism in Canada. The fact that immigrants keep their cultures and connections to their home countries makes Canada ideal for testing global product launches in smaller cost-effective scale. If, for example, the product is accepted by Chinese Canadians, then there is a high likelihood that this product will be accepted in China.
  3. Multilateral Agreements. Canada is a member of NAFTA which means that most of the goods manufactured in the USA and Mexico are duty free. WTO membership makes imports from other nations easy. Canada will soon sign a Free Trade Agreement with European Union, that will allow 0%-duty for the most of the goods.

To complete the picture add intelligent and educated workforce, ease of doing business, financial stability, developed infrastructure and large deposits of natural resources to this factors. Canadian market is the right choice!