International Business Plan

International Business Plan outlines corporate goals and steps towards foreign markets. It is also called Export Business Plan.

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Analytical Phase of International Business Plan

This is a very important stage of the preparatory period for entering an international market. It summarizes all the information collected from foreign market research and risk assessment. Based on obtained information a company checks feasibility of continuing international business planning and makes first go-or-not-to-go decision.

Planning Phase of International Business Plan

This is a final stage when a company puts together its foreign market entry plan and considers all steps that must be taken in order to succeed in international business. The typical structure of International Business Plan is:

  • Corporate Global Vision and Goals
  • International Business Roadmap
  • Foreign Market Research Report. To learn more, click here
  • Risk Assessment.
  • International Business Strategy (e.g., exporting, licensing, joint venture, foreign direct investments etc)
  • International Marketing PlanBased on 13Ps framework the plan contains requirements to product, price, promotion, place, payment, personnel, planning, paperwork, practices, partnerships, policies, positioning and protection which makes international expansion successful. See also the tip “International Business Plan (Export Business Structure)”
  • International Business Action PlanBased on a project approach the plan contains milestones, project estimation, resources and costs schedule, performance measurement and evaluation criteria.
  • Cost and Benefit Estimate.

This plan is a step-by-step timeline of all activities and it is ready to be implemented.

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