Export Market Research

Export Market Research, Or Foreign Market Research, consists of target country/area research and target market research. Each client gets a Research Findings Document containing a detailed report of the country/area with six criteria (economy, political environment, geography, demography, legislation and culture), their explanation and recommendations as well as a detailed picture of the target market with the eight criteria (target market size, market trends, local and global competitors, local customers’ behaviour, local industry legislation, local suppliers and distributors, and the infrastructure). See the details below or look at Win Global Partners’ Export Market Research Framework to learn more how we do it for you.

Target Country/Area Research

Target Country/Area Research is an analysis of the country or area your company has chosen to enter from different points of view. Before entering the country/area we perform a thorough assessment of them. We do two analyses – the country and the area so that you know whether to go into it  and if it makes sense then how to become officially involved with it. Both analyses are necessary.

Usually these analyses include the following aspects taking into account your products or services.

  • Economy;
  • Political environment;
  • Geography;
  • Demography;
  • Legislation;
  • Culture.

It helps to assess the risks of entering the chosen country or area, to understand how to establish your business there, to avoid unnecessary expenses, and to develop an action plan appropriate to the particular situation.

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Export Market Research

Export Market Research is an analysis of your product or service’s market in the chosen country or area. It includes:

  • Calculations of your target market size;
  • Identification of market trends;
  • Local and global competitors analysis;
  • Research of local customers’ behaviour related to the type of your products or services;
  • Local industry legislation report (compliance, labeling, packaging requirements for your products or services, etc);
  • Local suppliers and distributors analysis;
  • Local infrastructure analysis.

You receive the necessary information which helps you to choose the right strategy and the ways to enter a market. In other words, you understand what the things are to be considered.

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