Win Global Partners Attended the First Business without Borders Networking Breakfast

Win Global Partners is pleased to share the experience of the first Business without Borders networking breakfast held on Tuesday, September 14 in Toronto.

The presentation of a keynote speaker, an award winning author and economist Jeff Rubin, was very profound, thoughtful and easy-to-listen at the same time. Jeff forecasts oil prices growth to 3-digit numbers within the next 4-6 months. In his opinion, if that happens, national economies will become more local as the cost of transportation of goods will go up dramatically and will make prices of domestic goods comparable to those of imported goods.

Igor Chigrin, International Business Consultant of Win Global Partners, has commented on that forecast. “If this forecast becomes true, it won’t automatically mean the end of international business. Global players will switch from import-export models to more complex and sophisticated ones like joint venturing and direct investments in subsidiaries and production facilities abroad. Companies will still continue to explore the globe, but will do it in a little bit different way. After all, there will still be a huge field for international trade of services which is less impacted by oil price”, said Igor Chigrin.