International Trading and Importer of Record

Win Global trades Canadian agricultural commodities internationally and provides the Importer of Record service for international clients who want to import goods to Canada. Whether you are a foreign commodity wholesaler, food manufacturer, animal food supplier, or distiller, the premium quality responsibly grown Canadian agricultural commodities are your choice for the best ingredients.

Buy Canadian Agricultural Commodities

  1. Soybeans. We have year-round access to the suppliers of as many as 20 varieties of soybeans. High-protein, non-GMO, and sustainably grown beans are available to buy.
  2. Corn. Available in non-GMO and GMO options, cleaned and pure.
  3. Wheat. Available in different varieties, pre-processed and cleaned.
  4. Oats: Steam-Crimped Oats and White Variety Oats. Tripple clean, excellent colour, and dust-free seeds.
  5. Flaked Barley Seed. Pre-processed by process by heating to 210F (99o C) and cracking the hull.
  6. Rye Seed. Premium quality seeds are selected for their vigor and purity.
  7. Flaxseed. Available for human and animal consumption, golden or brown flaxseed in whole or milled format, 99.95% purity.
  8. Pet Food. Various food options for cats, dogs and other pets, including organic food.
  9. Animal Feed.
  10. Water. Pure Canadian water in a variety of packaging from multiple sources across the country including wells, glaciers, and lakes. Can be used for human consumption or ingredient for high-value alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Can’t find the Canadian commodity you want to buy? Contact us and submit your request for a quote.

Importer of Record to Canada

If you wish to import your product to Canada but your buyer doesn’t want to be the importer of record, Win Global can take care of being the one for you. We will clear your goods for customs, pay applicable fees, and arrange delivery of your goods to the final destination in Canada.

We can also accept payments from your Canadian buyers in Canadian dollars and pay for your goods in the foreign currency of your choice.

Contact us today to request a quote for the products we sell or inquire about the Importer of Record In Canada service.