International Expansion

International Expansion Service is your gateway to new horizons and global growth. We specialize in helping businesses expand their operations beyond borders, tapping into international markets, and unlocking untapped potential. Our experienced team provides end-to-end support, from market research and strategy development to implementation and ongoing management. With our Global Expansion Service, you can navigate the complexities of entering new markets with confidence while maximizing opportunities for success and long-term sustainability.

International Expansion: Scope of Work

  1. Expansion Capabilities Assessment
  2. International Market Selection
  3. International Market Research
  4. International Expansion Strategy Development
  5. Expansion Action Plan Development for 12 Months
  6. Identification of Foreign Clients and/or Partners
  7. Initial Outreach to the Selected Foreign Clients and/or Partners
  8. Facilitation of the First Meetings between our Client and Foreign Clients and/or Partners

Global Expansion Strategy and Plan Help Your Business To:

  1. Avoid the costly mistakes of selecting the wrong market and the wrong strategy.
  2. Maximize chances of success in the international markets.
  3. Outline clear action items for your team to complete to expand the business globally.

This solution is designed to help established manufacturing, technology, or professional service firms with their global strategies. The solution is based on a proven expansion methodology that works across markets and industries. The delivery of the solution involves a great deal of research that Win Global will complete for its clients.

Expansion Globally? Where?Market selection is based on the quantifiable selection criteria that will be developed jointly with the client. Thus, market selection will be research and fact-based as opposed to selection based on gut feelings.

It takes 4 to 6 months to deliver this solution, however, the outreach to the potential foreign clients and partners and facilitation of the first meetings with them may take longer depending on the industry and availability and complexity of those clients/partners.

Contact us today to discuss your global expansion goals and how we can help you avoid costly mistakes venturing into the overseas markets.