How to Choose the Right Market for Export and Import?

Choosing 2 markets in 195 options is harder than choosing 6 in 49 digits on your Friday lottery ticket. If picking random numbers may result in a fortune, picking random international markets is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. During our upcoming Export & Import Boot Camp in Toronto on April 24, 2018, we will pay close attention to the tools and techniques that will help you choose the right international markets for export and import.

1. Trade Flow Data. Did you know that you can find where similar products were sold to our bought from and at what price? We will show you how to work with international trade databases to find the right international markets. And don’t worry, no actuarial science degree is required to interpret the data.

2. Connections. Select the markets where you have established business connections or can quickly establish them, even if those markets are not the most lucrative.

3. Familiarity. Select the markets where the business culture, language and consumer habits and tastes are familiar to you.

We will be discussing this and other key questions to build the foundation of your export or import business at the upcoming after hours boot camp. Come in with your ideas, fears and questions and walk away with a solid foundation of your export & import business plan, tailored to your product and markets. Enroll in one-of-a-kind practical and intensive after-hours Export & Import Boot Camp in Toronto on April 24, 2018!