Export & Import Consulting for Businesses

Are you an established exporter or importer? Are you preparing to move your export-import business to the next level? The export and import consulting solutions below will help you select the right steps to take to avoid costly mistakes. What is your #1 challenge in export & import?

Hit or About to Be Hit by the Tariffs or Sanctions?

Don’t allow your business to be the next victim or the trade wars. Diversify your supply chain and export markets! Fill out the form on your right to reduce the damage of the tariffs or safeguard your business from the devastating consequences of the trade wars.

  • Supply Chain Diversification Strategy
  • Export Market Diversification Strategy

Consulting Solutions for Exporters

  • Export readiness assessment for new exporters
  • Export performance assessment and improvement for established exporters
  • Selection of the product to export
  • Export market selection
  • Export strategy selection
  • Export market size calculation & research
  • Identification & research of applicable trade barriers
  • Export market entry planning (international business plan – click here to learn more): product adaptation, price calculation in Incoterms® 2020, distribution, branding and promotion plan development
  • Compliance reports for exporters – harmonized system codes (HS code), customs duties, taxes, trade barriers, labelling requirements and packaging requirements
  • Customized export consulting solutions are available upon request here.

 Consulting Solutions for Importers

  • Import readiness assessment for new importers
  • Import performance assessment and improvement for established importers
  • Selection of the product to import
  • Import (sourcing) market selection
  • Sourcing strategy selection
  • Demand planning
  • Identification and research of applicable trade barriers
  • Establishing global supply chain: sourcing markets and foreign suppliers’ selection
  • Due diligence on foreign suppliers
  • Compliance reports for importers – harmonized system codes (HS code), customs duties, taxes, trade barriers, labelling requirements and packaging requirements.
  • Customized import consulting solutions are available upon request here

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It’s free. We’ll get back to you within two business days. An initial, no-obligation phone or Skype consultation is available. We can aslo sign a non-disclosure agreement upon request.

What You’ll Get

A completed report for your export or import consulting project with all the necessary practical information, findings and recommendations ready to use for your next steps to enter the international market in a time- and cost-effective way.

Tools We Use

  • Assessment interview
  • Product selection methodology
  • Export or import market selection methodology
  • Primary & secondary research tools
  • Planning & forecasting templates
  • International legislation acts research
  • Background, reference and credit check

Our Recently Completed Projects

International Business Strategy Selection & International Business Plan Development
The plan included analysis of the specific capabilities and focus areas of the firm. Based on those niche capabilities, an indirect export development strategy was recommended. The action plan to increase indirect export sales by partnering with larger automation firms was developed. Industrial Automation Firm, Midland, ON, Canada.

Product Selection, Priority Export Market Selection & Export Market Entry Plan Development
Based on the analysis of the product portfolio, we identified the products with the maximum potential revenue in the international markets. Then, based on target-market demography the priority export markets were selected and a detailed export market entry plan was developed. Furniture Manufacturer, Etobicoke, ON, Canada

International Business Strategy Selection & International Business Plan Development
We developed the strategy and plan for a manufacturer and supplier of products for the mining industry to plug into the global mining supply chains. The in-depth analysis of the company’s capabilities and mining industry supply practices predated the development of the plan. Mining Supplier, Sudbury, ON, Canada

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Delivery Time & Fee

Delivery can be from two weeks depending on the chosen solutions. We offer both hourly rates and fixed-price options to our clients. The payment schedule is negotiable. Discounted rates are applied for multiple target or source markets.
Are you a Canadian business? Click here to ask us about Government funding for your export market expansion projects.