Export Import Performance Improvement

Export Import Performance ImprovementExport Import Performance Improvement is right for you, if you are established exporter or importer but you think you are underperformed or you are ready to move your export & import to the next level.

Goal: Identify Root Causes of Underperformance of your Import & Export and Fix Them

Clients: exporters and importers who:

  • export or import a lot
  • have constant challenges with suppliers, buyers and 3rd parties involved in export or import
  • look for ways to maximize export import performance

Scope of Export Import Performance Improvement: includes three consecutive phases:

Phase 1: Export Import Performance Diagnostics
During this phase we analyze the performance of your export and import activities applying a proprietary diagnostic methodology covering 13 different business areas and more than 100 topics related to export & import

Phase 2: Analysis and Recommendations
During this phase we analyze the information collected from the Phase 1, perform analysis of secondary data (financials, export statistics, etc), identify root causes of underperformance and provide recommendations how to address them

Phase 3: Addressing Root Causes

During this phase we address root causes of underperformance of your export & import together with you. 

Fee: Fixed budget broken down by monthly fee + 3rd party fee (if required). Budget depends on the number of subject matter experts and size of the export or import business.

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