Export & Import Department, Export Import Outsourcing

Export & Import Department, Export Import OutsourcingExport & Import Department, or Export Import Outsourcing, is right for you if you are receiving export or generating import inquires and not willing to lose them due to the lack of time or expertise.
Goal: Save Your Time for Your Family or Business While Entrusting Daily Export & Import Management to Professionals. Assure smooth, trouble-free and cost-effective results of import and export by doing them on client’s behalf (also known as import outsourcing, export outsourcing) 

Clients: manufacturers who:

  • have no time to manage international trade, export, import
  • have no expertise to manage international trade, export, import
  • have a fear of failure of international business initiatives but are willing to seize international trade opportunities

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Scope: Managing export and import includes, but is not limited to:

Export & Import Department (Export Import Outsourcing)

  • Managing Export Orders
  • Managing Supply Chain
  • Preparing RFQ
  • Preparing Responses to RFQ
  • Pricing Products or Services for Import or Export
  • Negotiating Contract
  • Ensuring Proper Packaging, Labeling and Marking
  • Coordinating Shipping
  • Handling Export or Import Paperwork
  • Handling Customs Clearance
  • Engaging a Warehouse
  • Handling International Payments and Foreign Exchange
  • Engaging Financial Institutions
  • Engaging Government Institutions Supporting Export or Import
  • Mitigating and Managing Risk (currency, insurance, guarantees)
  • Product Sampling and Testing
  • Finding Products or Services Overseas Per Your Specification

Customer Care Add-on

  • Foreign Sales Support (e.g. sales force education, remote support)
  • Foreign Customers After Sales Support (e.e customer education, assembly, visit)
  • Handling Foreign Customers Complaints, Returns, Refunds and Warranty Cases
  • Engaging Subcontractors and 3rd Parties as Applicable (assembly, electrical, installation teams, etc)

Title of Goods Add-on

  • Taking Title of Goods (so you have a Canadian receivable or payable)

Compliance Add-on

  • Managing Certification Process (mandatory or voluntary), including ISO, UL, CE, etc
  • Establishing Compliance Program
  • Managing Compliance Program

Due Diligence Add-on

  • Background, Reference, Criminal Record and Credit Checks on Foreign Supplier or Buyer
  • Contract Drafting or Verification by a Lawyer

Fee: Fixed budget broken down by monthly fee + pre-approved 3rd party fee (if required).

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