Export & Import Compliance

It is crucial to know what regulatory compliance requirements are for your product before you export or import it. Otherwise, the product may be held by customs authorities or even rejected. In any case, you will incur significant financial and reputational losses. Our import and export compliance solution helps to avoid these costly mistakes and meet regulatory compliance requirements of the countries of origin and destination.

Export & Import Compliance: Scope of Work

  1. Determining Product HS Code
  2. Customs Duty Determination in Countries of Origin and Destination
  3. Non-Tariff Barriers Determination
  4. Compliance Documentation and Licensing Procedures Determination
  5. Labelling and Packaging Requirements Determination

Products Subject to Export & Import Compliance

Most products are subject to compliance regardless of their nature. However, the products that can cause danger to the life or health of the end consumer are subject to more rigorous requirements.

  • Food Product
  • Health Product
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical Products
  • Electronics
  • Toys and Chile Products
  • Other complex products

Agencies like the Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) in the United States and the Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) in Canada are the regulators. They set the local rules and regulations and are responsible for issuing appropriate licenses and permits and enforcement of the regulations.

Compliance Automation

If you trade one or many products from any of the above highly regulated industries across multiple markets, it may be reasonable to consider compliance automation. There are multiple tools in the market, software-as-a-service, that consolidate compliance rules around the world and give you easy access to them. However, the automation tools range in complexity and price and selection of the right tool is not straightforward.

Export Import Compliance System SelectionWin Global starts with analyzing your current compliance needs and processes and helps to develop system selection criteria, evaluate the tools, and make fact-based automation tool selection decisions.

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