Other Government Grants for Businesses in Ontario

Eastern Ontario Development Program

Amount: $1,500,000
Cost Covered: Productivity enhancements (information and communications technologies, energy, new technologies, productivity assessments); Innovation/product development (Research and Development); Market diversification [Learn more…]
Small Business Funding Ontario

Northern Ontario Development Program

Amount: from $31,500
Cost Covered: Fees for professional and technical services, including market, trade and export expertise; Marketing costs, including design, promotional materials, advertising, product demonstrations and participation at trade shows. [Learn more…]
Small Business Grants Ontario

Agri Marketing Program

Amount: $50,000 per year
Cost Covered: Industry-wide branding, promotion and advertising, including in-store and food service promotions and product demonstrations for buyers both domestically and internationally; Incoming, outgoing and exploratory trade missions. [Learn more…]

Targeted Manufacturing Initiative for Northern Ontario

Amount: up to 15,000 per assessment, and 33% of eligible capital costs and up to 50% of eligible non-capital costs
Cost Covered: market analysis (aiming to expand existing or into new markets); Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) readiness. [Learn more…]