Expanding to New Export Markets

Expanding to New Export Markets (Export Market Expansion) is essential to ensure long-term prosperity of your businesses. In today’s globalized world you can’t rely solely on your domestic market. New Export Markets are the sources of your business growth when all other sources are utilized.

Goal: Expand your export sales in minimum 2 export markets within 36 months.

Clients: Canadian manufacturers, mining & natural resource companies, technology companies, producers and trading companies who:

  • want to identify right products to enter foreign markets;
  • want to identify right export markets;
  • want to expand exports onto new foreign markets;
  • want to identify legitimate long-term buyers.


Expanding to New Export Markets

Scope: Research-based export expansion.

Expanding to New Export Markets (Export Market Expansion) has following steps:

  • Exportable Product / Solution Identification
  • Target Market Identification
  • Target Market Research
  • Compliance Research
  • Export Market Entry Planning
  • Budgeting Export Market Expansion Project
  • Identification of Potential Buyers
  • Establishing Relationship with Potential Buyers
  • Establishing Expansion Process Management System
  • Employee Training to Manage Expansion Project
  • Expansion Project Management and Monitoring


Fee: Fixed budget broken down by monthly fee + 3rd party fee (if required). Budget depends on the complexity of the destination market and the industry. Discounted rates apply for multiple destination markets.

Export Market Expansion

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