Establishing Foreign Operations

Establishing Foreign Operations (or sometimes called Establishing Foreign Facility) is the most advanced step of your business’ international development when it physically expands into foreign market by mean of establishing (construction or acquisition) of retail, office, mining or manufacturing facility overseas. Because establishing foreign operations is extremely costly your goal as a business is to make sure that the target market is right for you and that the cost of international expansion are as low as reasonably possible.

Goal: Ensure your business’ physical expansion is feasible and its budget is on track.

Clients: Canadian manufacturers, mining & natural resource companies, technology companies, producers and trading companies who:

  • want to expand onto foreign markets by building or acquiring facilities overseas;
  • want to make sure that their move is feasible and the foreign market brings high return on investment (ROI);
  • want to avoid extra costs by relying on underestimated international expansion budget.


Establishing Foreign Operations

Scope: Establish foreign operations (facility) with the highest yet realistic return on investment.

Establishing Foreign Operations (Establishing Foreign Facility) has following steps:

  • Target Market Research
  • Compliance Research
  • Identification of 3rd Parties to be Involved in Expansion
  • Budgeting Global Expansion Project
  • Establishing Relationship with 3rd Parties
  • Establishing Expansion Project Management System
  • Employee Training to Manage Expansion Project
  • Expansion Project Management and Monitoring


Fee: Fixed budget broken down by monthly fee + 3rd party fee (if required). Budget depends on the complexity of the destination market and the industry. Discounted rates apply for multiple destination markets.

Establishing Foreign Facility

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