Entering Canadian Market, Sourcing from Canada

Entering Canadian Market, Sourcing from Canada will allow your company to secure rich, diversified and low-risk market that takes quality over price in products it manufactures and consumes.

Why Canada?

When a country has as much to offer as Canada, it’s impossible to pinpoint a single reason to invest in one of the most dynamic economies in the world. Canada boasts multiple advantages and unparalleled potential – a place where businesses can achieve excellence on a global scale.

  • People Advantage: Canada is a nation of intelligent, educated workers, ranking #2 in the OECD in higher education achievement. Canada’s multicultural population is an ideal environment for testing global product launches.
  • Business Environment Advantage: The Economic Intelligence Unit has rated Canada the #1 place to do business in the G7 for the next five years.
  • Economic Advantage: Canada is better placed than many countries to the global financial turbulence and worldwide recession.
  • NAFTA Advantage: Canada’s NAFTA advantage gives access to more than 443 million consumers and a combined GDP of more than US$15.4 trillion.
  • Transportation Advantage: Canada has sophisticated infrastructure and a highly developed transportation network.


Entering Canadian Market or Sourcing From Canada with Win Global Partners:

  • performing local market research;
  • advising on adapting your product or service to needs of Canadian customers;
  • advising on entry mode and designing an entry plan;
  • advising on Canadian law applicable to your business;
  • setting up production facilities in Canada;
  • setting up sales facilities in Canada;
  • setting up offices in Canada;
  • setting up supply chain in Canada;
  • organizing import and export deals;
  • selecting suppliers in Canada including lead generation, background and credit checks;
  • selecting partners in Canada including lead generation, background and credit checks;
  • negotiating with your Canadian partners.


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