[Lesson 1 of 5] Don’t Start or Expand your Export or Import Business Without It!

This is the first lesson of a complimentary 5-lesson series. Let’s jump in.

Can you build a house without a solid foundation? Just like you start building a house with a solid foundation, there are certain elements you must consider to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of your international trading business. More specifically:

  • 7 critical success factors in international trade
  • Selecting the right product for trading internationally
  • Selecting the markets where you will export to or import your product from
  • Profiling your ideal foreign buyer or supplier, you can affordably reach
  • Establishing your unique selling proposition

Let’s focus on Establishing Your Unique Selling Proposition

When trading internationally, you are competing not just with other domestic companies trading with your target markets but also with international and local competitors in those markets. In this tough competitive environment it is critical for you to be able to answer the question – Why Should Your Foreign Clients Buy From You Versus From Your Competitors? If you are the importer, the question is a bit different – Why Should Your Foreign Suppliers Sell the Goods to You Versus to Your Competitors?

Can the answer to this question be the price? Yes, absolutely. But what if it is not? Then think about specific product benefits or features. Think about unique buyers’ needs the product addresses. Can you provide a longer or better guarantee or service to your international buyers? If so, that guarantee may be the reason why the buyers should buy from you. Last but not least, can you deliver your product internationally faster than your competitors?

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