6 Steps to Take Before You Start Selling Product Online Globally

Own an online store and want to start selling your product around the world? No matter what your platform is (Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc.) there are six universal steps you need to take before you can sell your product internationally. In this video, we cover customs duties. You will learn why it matters if you […]

[Lesson 1 of 5] Don’t Start or Expand your Export or Import Business Without It!

This is the first lesson of a complimentary 5-lesson series. Let’s jump in. Can you build a house without a solid foundation? Just like you start building a house with a solid foundation, there are certain elements you must consider to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of your international trading business. More specifically: 7 […]

I’ve been working on this for You for the past 10 years

Why do some people succeed in international trade? Why can’t you be one of them? Fifteen years ago I started to help my father launch his international trade business in pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and supplies area. I had no clue where to start with, how to select the right foreign supplier, negotiate with the […]

How to Choose the Right Market for Export and Import?

Choosing 2 markets in 195 options is harder than choosing 6 in 49 digits on your Friday lottery ticket. If picking random numbers may result in a fortune, picking random international markets is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. During our upcoming Export & Import Boot Camp in Toronto on April 24, 2018, we will pay […]

How to Select Right Product for Export or Import?

Another key topic to consider when venturing into the international markets is product selection for international trade. Look critically at your product portfolio or options, and use the following criteria to select the right product for export or import. 1. Highest Margin. International marketing, sales and trade require flexibility to incur additional costs yet each trade transaction […]

Why Should Foreign Buyers Buy From You?

One of the key success factors in international trade is developing a global value proposition. When trading internationally, you are competing not just with other Canadian companies trading with your target markets but also with international and local competitors in those markets. In this tough competitive environment it is critical for you to be able […]

[Save the dates] Upcoming Seminars in Toronto – July 24 & August 3

Let me invite you to our upcoming seminar ‘How to Start Your Export & Import Business from Scratch’ on July 24, 2017 (Monday) in Toronto, ON. You’ll be able to ask any questions about international trade, export or import. It will take place at the following address: 489 College Street, Suite 100 Toronto, ON, M6G 1A5 […]

[Last Chance] Register For Workshop In Toronto May 08, 2017 – Start Your Export & Import Business

One of the questions I regularly get from my clients at export & import coaching, consulting sessions and workshops is ‘Where can I find buyers or suppliers for my exporting or importing business?‘ That’s a critical question. It’s very important for a business to have good sources of leads. So, today I’ve decided to show you […]