CanExport Program

CanExport Program provides 50% of your export marketing project up to $99,999 in non-repayable government grant if your are expanding your business into those export markets where you have not exported in the past 24 months. The funding is co-administered by Global Affairs Canada and National Research Council.

Objective of CanExport Program

  • Get funding up to $99,999 for export marketing activities including trade shows, trade mission, market visits, etc.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a for-profit business located anywhere in Canada
  • Must have minimum 1 full-time employee
  • Must have minimum $250,000 in annual sales
  • Must target export market where one has not exported in the past 24 months. No exceptions (e.g. selling samples counts)


Eligible Costs

  • Travel cost
  • Trade show space
  • Trade mission fees
  • Per Diem
  • Translation
  • Marketing materials
  • Market research
  • Export Consulting
  • Export marketing activities


Our Focus


CanExport ProgramExamples of Projects Funded by CanExport Program

1. Korite is the world’s largest producer of gem-grade ammolite. The company’s mine is currently the world’s only legally known operating source of mined ammolite. In addition to mining the gem, the company’s sales, design, and production division sells fine jewelry around the world in more than 28 countries. Korite‘s initial market assessment found a potential for expansion in the China market. With the support of CanExport, they are looking to increase market awareness in the China market, specifically through strategic partnerships initiatives and industry trade shows. They have already successfully partnered with Mahasida Ammolite Jewelry to ensure the distribution of finished Korite jewelry in China and further development of innovative product technology resources in the China market. (Source)