6 Steps to Take Before You Start Selling Product Online Globally

Own an online store and want to start selling your product around the world? No matter what your platform is (Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc.) there are six universal steps you need to take before you can sell your product internationally.

In this video, we cover customs duties. You will learn why it matters if you export the product you sell online. To determine custom duty on your product in the export market visit http://tariffdata.wto.org/Default.aspx?culture=en-US.

You will learn which products require certification before they can be imported to the foreign market, and which don’t.

You will learn how international pricing is different from the domestic one, why Incoterms are required and what to do with sales taxes (VAT, GST, ST) in your country and the country where you export the product to.

You will learn about mandatory and optional labelling for international markets and how to find out what to put on the label and in what languages.

Lastly, we will discuss international warranty, return and refund policies and discuss what to do if something goes wrong with the product you sell online in the international markets.